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Reflux is primarily seen with kiddos and adults that have had very severe upper thoracic Subluxation that usually stem from a traumatic birth/event and can also be made worse by a poor diet. When you add a poor inflammatory diet or formula to a Subluxated upper back, the body has a very difficult time draining and releasing, and reflux or upper GI issues are the result. Unfortunately, with acid reflux, the mainstream recommendation is to immediately prescribe an antacid such as Prevacid.

Beyond A Bandage

Understand that an antacid is only a short-term fix and it is just another chemical added to the bucket. When you take an antacid, it lowers the acidity in his stomach. It helps with the reflux initially, but because there is less acid in the stomach, the body thinks it needs to produce even more going forward. Two issues arise with this approach:

  1. You need to keep upping the drugs to keep up with the increase in acid produced, and
  2. If you ever want to get off the meds, the body will have so much acid being produced, the body will be left in a worse state than when you started the medication.

Make an Appointment

If you or your child has reflux, make sure to get them checked for an upper thoracic Subluxation to see if it is the cause behind the reflux. Only a chiropractic adjustment can remove a Subluxation and allow the body to heal.

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