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Auto Accident and Personal Injury Care
in Asheville

Car Crash Effects on Your Body

Man with sore neck after accidentWhen you’re in an auto accident, even a minor one, the force of the impact is absorbed by your body. Your car is designed to withstand a crash with minimal deformation, so the amount of damage to your car is not a good indicator of how much damage your body sustained. Whiplash is a common car accident injury, but injuries can be anywhere in your body.

Many patients come to One Love Chiropractic and say they feel fine. What we find is that often patients are stuck in the fight-or-flight response triggered by the accident, and with this adrenaline overload they have not yet started to feel the effects of their injuries. Chiropractic care helps to get you out of the fight-or-flight mode and into the parasympathetic state, so your body can start to heal.

By addressing the physical trauma of your injury, we can help restore the connection between your brain and body, so you can begin to process the emotional trauma. If we don’t address the injury soon after the accident, your body may create adaptations around the injury to protect the area. Over time, these suboptimal patterns will affect your spine, and you may experience pain in areas that don’t seem related to the original injury.

Common Personal Injury Issues

Joints are often the “weak link” and we see patients for injuries to the knees, hips, ankles, shoulders and wrists. We work with many feet issues for lack of stability. And neck and low back pain are often associated with repetitive use.

Our Approach to Care

However you’ve been injured, it’s important to address the injury as soon as possible. Dr. Derek will do a full examination, take your complete health history, as well as a detailed history of the accident, and take X-rays on-site. We’ll review the results of your exam and X-rays to develop a treatment plan. Generally, we will adjust you at your first visit (after reviewing your X-rays) to begin the healing process.

Don’t Wait

Contact us today if you’ve been injured in an accident. We want to get you the healing help you need.


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