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Welcome to Reviews for One Love Chiropractic

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  • Nancy P. thumbnail

    Great experience, so glad I found your practice.

    -Nancy P.
  • Florencia B. thumbnail

    Beyond Excellent! So happy we found you.

    -Florencia B.
  • Gini K. thumbnail

    I feel better already. Thanks for a great adjustment. I am clear that you have a depth of knowledge and commitment that I have not encountered before. I am so happy to have found such a great practice!

    -Gini K.
  • Michael D. thumbnail

    Great staff and practice! Very encouraging, friendly atmosphere. I will definitely be referring people to this practice.

    -Michael D.
  • Joshua V. thumbnail

    Such a lovely practice! We are very lucky to have found Dr. Kasten. Ever since day one, he has taken his time in explaining everything and making my son feel at ease. Would recommend to anyone.

    -Joshua V.
  • Joe L. thumbnail

    I’m relieved and excited to be your patient and I can’t wait to begin my treatment.

    -Joe L.
  • Kat H. thumbnail

    Dr. Derek is a compassionate healer who truly wants to help people.

    -Kat H.
  • Becky D. thumbnail

    Very nice and professional office. All staff and Dr. Kasten friendly and very thorough. Took time to listen to all my concerns and history.

    -Becky D.
  • Marah W. thumbnail

    Great practice! Love the true family atmosphere and helpful staff. We loved our first visit. Dr. Derek made our son comfortable as well. Usually Sawyer is screaming but he did quite well! Impressive!

    -Marah W.
  • Britney W. thumbnail

    I am very pleased and excited to be working with Dr. Kasten. I look forward to properly healing with someone who actually understands what I have been through. I highly recommend this practice to others.

    -Britney W.

Invaluable To Me and My Family

I have been a patient of chiropractors my whole life but Dr. Derek greatly shines above the rest. His passion for helping people coupled by his incredible skill as a chiropractor makes him invaluable to me and my family. I experienced immediate improvement after my first session with him and am excited for the health my family will enjoy now that we are all a part of his practice.
~Renee E.

Feeling Blessed

I feel blessed that I had my injury so that I could cross paths with Derek. I am looking forward to working with him and experiencing the positive changes in my life to come.
~Thomas F.


I’m so impressed with Dr. Derek’s empowering approach and his ability to listen deeply.
~Lindsay T.

Dr. Derek Is Amazing With Kids!

Dr. Derek is amazing with kids! I’ve never met any other medical professional so compassionate and excited about helping people. He really is the best chiropractor. We highly recommend him!
~Jeanette L.

A Great Chiropractor

He’s a great chiropractor and someone I think of as a good friend he took great care of my family and new grandson when he was born can’t thank him and his family enough.
~Deb N.

Experiencing Great Benefit From Treatments

I am happy to have been introduced to Dr. Derek and One Love Chiropractic. I enjoy the staff and warm environment in the office. I am experiencing great benefit from Dr. Derek’s treatments. Thanks so much!
~Cassy M.

One Of The Best Chiropractors

My husband is a chiropractor in Michigan and we often (half) joke that if anything ever happens to him, I would have to move near Dr. Kasten. One of the best chiropractors, and people, I know.
~Mercedes T.


Makes A Difference

You will be very blessed to receive care from Dr. D. He is knowledgeable and makes a difference. His kindness and love, positive attitude and friendship to our family is a treasure. We miss you! ~Kelly P.

You Will Be Taken Care Of Mind, Body And Soul

NC is blessed to have Dr. D and his beautiful family. You will be taken care of mind, body and soul. Dr. Derek is our doc for wellness for physical and emotional healing! He cared for me through my pregnancy, adjusted my newborn and 2 and 1/2 year old son too! If I could give 6 stars in this review I would!
~Erin M.

Very Impressed

I was very impressed with Dr. Kasten knowledge and energy, and am hopeful he can help me on my way to a healthier and pain-free life.
~Carolyn U.

Comprehensive Corrective Plan

I have seen several chiropractors over the past 28 years. Dr. Kasten is the only one that took the time to fully diagnose my issues, prepare a comprehensive corrective plan, and most importantly…explain both to me on a level that was easy to understand and make an informed decision.
~James F.

Looking Forward To Our Healthcare Partnership

Thanks so much! I am looking forward to our partnership in healthcare to feel the best I am able. I appreciate the gentle, confident and caring approach.
~Wendy N.


For me, it’s about information and engagement in the process of healing – becoming more and more and expert and facilitator of my body’s work, development, and treatment. I see the process of ‘fixing me’ as both emotional, spiritual and biological. So the more detailed understanding and the more experimenting and conversation that occurs in the space of the clinic the better I feel as a whole being. That’s why Derek is excellent – he brings to the table an offering of expertise that is irrevocably valuable to my life, and to the develop of me as a human being. In terms of a business – this is what I think it’s about. I will continue to be engaged with Derek on this level of developmental work, as it is this kind of relationship I have time for. Something with movement and flexibility – a feeling, its a feeling of going somewhere alongside him as a practitioner. ~Max W.

Personal & Knowledgeable

Dr. Derek is very knowledgeable, and seems to really care about helping his patients. I am impressed by his extremely personal approach. I pinched a nerve in my neck, and after 6 visits I am starting to regain the feeling in my finger. I’m hoping for a full recovery. Sarah is great as well.
~Nate L.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dr. Derek is very knowledgeable about the body and his practice is an art form. I trust him implicitly with his understanding of the whole picture and how to move forward with my personal healing. He has made great suggestions to implement other modalities in my personal healing process, all of which I feel are coming from an intuitive place combined with sound judgment and experience. Thank you thank you thank you for getting me back on my feet! ~Sarah L.

Feeling so Much Better

Thank you. I’m feeling so much better than I was, it is amazing that I didn’t realize how bad the pain and back issues were, and amazing how much better Dr. Kasten has made me feel! ~Lisa G.

Takes care of YOU

This guy is going to take care of YOU. He’s a caring doctor that will take extra time to talk things out so you know what to expect and how to be healthier overall. ~ Joe C.

AMAZING Chiropractor

quoteAsheville, you have one AMAZING chiropractor! I have had the pleasure to work for Dr. Derek as well as be a long time patient. He has taken care of my family and I for a number of years and has not only cared for our spinal and nervous system health but our total being inside and out. He is absolutely amazing. Check him out! ~ Laurel R.

Very Talented

Dr. Derek is a very talented chiropractor. He is so wonderful with my kids and a genuinely good person who loves what he does! ~ Crystal H.


Hands down one of THE BEST Chiro’s I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Any Subluxation? This is the man to see to aid and assist you with preventing and/or removing the interference! Be blessed Doc! ~ Tino R.


Dr. Derek is the best! He is amazing with children. He has taken care of my 11 month old daughter and she is making so much progress!! Thanks so much! ~ Kim Z.

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Relaxation To The Body

Heather is a wonderful receptionist, very personable and helpful. I appreciated Dr. Kasten taking the time to talk through some of the science behind chiropractic care and his intention to bring back rest and relaxation to the body. He took time to explain his methods and make sure I understood what he was doing.

~Ellen W.

Very Impressed

I came in with debilitating vertigo, and after one session with Dr. Derek I felt 90% better. We dropped the chiropractor our family had been working with that day and signed up for a comprehensive plan that would address the issues all 3 of us have been experiencing. We’re very impressed.

~Elizabeth D.

In Loving Healing Hands

I cannot say enough positive things about my friend Dr Derek! I say friend because Dr Derek is more than a chiropractor. He has cared for myself and my kids, keeping us healthy and treating us like he would his own family!! We already miss him! Please take my word, you are in loving and healing hands!!

~Sarah G.

Top Notch Chiropractor

I and my 2 sons had the pleasure to get adjusted by Dr. Derek regularly. He is absolutely a top notch chiropractor. My work is very physical and the adjustments have not been easy, but Dr. Derek has always gotten me and my sons back on order. He’s warm and caring presence and precise work are greatly missed by all of us. We have trouble finding a new chiropractic doctor to fill his shoes. I highly recommend Dr. Derek to take care of your whole family from babies to elderly.

~Tarja A.


Letter from the Zilm Family

Parker, Maddie, Craig and Missy Zilm
This is how our Chiropractic story began… A friend wanted me to come with her to a talk her chiropractor was doing on positive thinking. She thought it really aligned with the way I think already. We also had an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist the next week to discuss putting tubes in my son’s ears. My friend obviously had another plan for me to attend that night and it was to meet Dr. Derek. I will be eternally grateful to her for this, because that night changed our lives.

My son Parker had ear infections for six months straight starting at the age of 1 and was given seven antibiotics to “cure” them. Every time we went for an appointment at the pediatrician, it was the only recommendation given. I know what overuse of antibiotics can do and it was heartbreaking to fill those prescriptions. We saw no relief, he was still in pain and nighttime was pure misery for him and our entire family. We saw no change and Parker continued to have fevers, a runny nose, ear pain, limited vocabulary and side effects from all the antibiotics. Overall, he was irritable most of the time and started to have equilibrium problems and bumped into everything. He was very unhappy and our delightful child was in a state of chaos. Read more

After two visits of seeing Dr. Derek, Parker already started to see relief and so did mom and dad. We were given many options to help him get well including adjustments, introducing supplements, decreasing dairy and many others. Parker’s body was healing itself with the guidance of optimal care. He started sleeping through the night again, stopped bumping into things, his vocabulary increased tremendously and all of his “sick” symptoms were gone. He was back to being our delightful child. He has gotten regular monthly adjustments from Dr. Derek for the past four years and has been ear infection free. He is a miracle to us every day and continues to be healthy and happy thanks to Dr. Derek…

zilms_kids_drFrom the moment I met Dr. Derek, I knew we were in the right place. He cared about our family from the day we arrived and continued to be advocates for our health and wellness during the four years that we were in his care. Our children absolutely love him and got excited to be adjusted by him. He is not in it for the money, he truly believes in healing families and teaching them how to be in optimal health. We have recommended him to so many people and each of them has seen a drastic difference in the quality of their life.

We are truly blessed to have been given the gift of chiropractic care under Dr. Derek. Our family is so thankful for his kindness, personal care, friendship and sharing his knowledge with us. We completely trust him and our lives have been better from knowing him and we are eternally grateful. We are saddened that he is no longer near us, but will always hold a special place in our hearts and know the families in North Carolina will love him as much as we do!

Missy Zilm

Julian Finds Calmness & Balance

If you’re looking for someone who truly cares about YOU, then go see Dr. Derek. He’s helped our entire family, but I’m especially grateful for the care and attention he gave to my toddler son. Learning how to reduce the different types of stress from his body and mind has completely changed our life. I’m not sure where we’d be without him!

~ Erika W.


The McElroy Family

NC is blessed to have Dr. D and his beautiful family. You will be taken care of mind, body and soul. Dr. Derek is our doc for wellness, physical and emotional healing! He cared for me through my pregnancy, adjusted my newborn and 2 and 1/2 year old son too!

Erin, a two year patient of Dr. Derek, was cared for by him during her pregnancy. Dr. Derek made his final adjustment at 5pm on April 13th and Toran Sean McElroy was welcome into the world at 7:10am on April 14th. Labor started at 10:30pm and the delivery was smooth and easy. Seeing Dr Derek made the pregnancy easier, more comfortable, and relieved tension and physical and emotional stress.

It also kept Erin healthy and able to keep up with her 2 year old and active work schedule.

Toran Patrick McElroy’s 1st adjustment by Dr. D five days after birth!

A happy, healthy and content little man! ~ Erin M

A Happy Ending with Ruthie and Bryce

Our son Bryce was born with a large hematoma on his head (the size of a small lemon). It was likely due to friction during his birth. Bryce’s pediatrician told us it could be months before it went away. We felt bad for our newborn baby because he couldn’t lie down normally. He had to have his head completely turned to the side to avoid laying on the hematoma.



When Bryce was two weeks old, we took him to Dr. Derek for his first adjustment because he had acid reflux and was fairly fussy. Dr. Derek noticed the hematoma and commented that he could do some work on Bryce’s scull to manipulate the plates and allow for the hematoma to drain faster. We were thrilled to hear this. Dr. D did his work and told us to come back the following week. We brought Bryce back the next week, and there had been no significant change in the hematoma. Dr. D recommended a more intense treatment schedule and told us to bring Bryce in for the next three days. We followed his recommend schedule and Boom! The hematoma was gone by that weekend.



Our little boy was then able to lay with his head flat on a surface, and we were and still are so grateful to Dr. D!

~ Ruthie M


Improvement with Asthma and Allergies

Asheville is in good hands with Dr Derek Kasten! He has helped my family, especially my asthmatic sports loving son to become healthy. No more sick visits to the doctor. Can’t even remember the last time I spooned out medication to my kids! He will be greatly missed here, but glad he is able to spread the Love!

~ Amy W.

Prenatal (Vbac), Pediatric and Wellness Care

My family had the wonderful pleasure of being taken care of by Dr.D!!! He is so passionate about his work. He is amazing with children and gives 100 percent of his time to you!!! We miss him!!! ~ Katie B.



Chiropractic and Migraines with Ryan

Since I was a sophomore in high school, I suffered from chronic migraines that would last up to three weeks straight at times. These migraines would get so severe that I would get sick, lose vision or even blackout. It was very frustrating for me. Many times, I would sleep up to 18 hours to relieve the pain I was in. Over the years, I sought medical treatment from professional doctors which prescribed migraine medicines to help me relieve my symptoms. It was a hit or miss, yet nothing really truly worked at all times. Wanting to find a cure and get off of medicine, I was referred to Chiropractic Care and thought I would have nothing to lose.

At first my parents and I were skeptical, even though hopeful at the same time. Once I went to my first visit, I was no longer skeptical, but a believer. The results from seeing the chiropractor was unbelievable. I had seen so much improvement that I have not had a migraine, loss of vision blacked out in over 3 months. I cannot remember the last time that I felt this good. The service that I received was outstanding. The doctors and staff members are so professional and friendly. They really take time to listen to the patient. This is exactly what I was hoping for… Read more

I believe that chiropractic care is safe for kids. I have seen a huge change in my own life and would recommend it to anyone that is suffering from some ailment. Dr. Derek knows what he is doing and he communicates well with patients.

From my point of view, I think that it’s very beneficial to go to a chiropractor. I wish I seen one sooner. They have so much to tell you about how the body works and how you need to keep your nervous system working right. Thank you Dr. Derek.

~ Ryan R.


Chiropractic and Torticollis with Everett

Dr. Derek is amazing with kids! I’ve never met any other health care professional so compassionate and excited about helping people. He really is the best chiropractor. We highly recommend him!

~ Jeanette L.


A note from Dr. Amy

Dr. Derek is a phenomenal chiropractor. I was honored to work alongside him for the past year and half and learned so much about how to be a wonderful pediatric chiropractor. He is incredibly passionate about what he does, and makes sure he gives each and every child 100% of him every time. He has changed the lives of many children. I will be forever grateful to him for adjusting me during my labor and adjusting my son since birth. I highly recommend One Love Chiropractic! Asheville is lucky to have him as we greatly miss Dr. Derek!

~ Dr. Amy Neff

Prenatal, Pediatric and Wellness Care with a Great Friend


How Chiropractic Helped a Child with Torticollis, Plagiocephaly, Colic and Acid Reflux

Mom wanted little man off of his reflux medication. She also wanted him to sleep, eat better and to be more relaxed.

In Mom’s words, “His head is now straight, his head shape and demeanor have improved, he is instantly more relaxed after his adjustments. The best part is, No more reflux medication. Thank you Dr. D!!!”

before and after

This little man is living the way he was intended to live. The Torticollos, Plagiocephally and Colic have resolved. He is relaxed, restful and meeting his full potential.