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Welcome to Reviews for One Love Chiropractic

We love hearing how Chiropractic care is changing lives. Do you have a story to share? Let us know so we can encourage others!

We are here to help you and your family live a safe, natural and drug free life. Your healthiest life is within reach! Email us or give us a call today.

  • I would definitely recommend your practice very highly. You provide a very comfortable setting with excellent, insightful visits. I am excited to start my journey of healing .

    -Jaime V.
  • Great experience, so glad I found your practice.

    -Nancy P.
  • I feel blessed that I had my injury so that I could cross paths with Derek. I am looking forward to working with him and experiencing the positive changes in my life to come.

    -Thomas F.
  • Great practice! Love the true family atmosphere and helpful staff. We loved our first visit. Dr. Derek made our son comfortable as well. Usually Sawyer is screaming but he did quite well! Impressive!

    -Marah W.
  • I am very pleased and excited to be working with Dr. Kasten. I look forward to properly healing with someone who actually understands what I have been through. I highly recommend this practice to others.

    -Britney W.
  • Very nice and professional office. All staff and Dr. Kasten friendly and very thorough. Took time to listen to all my concerns and history.

    -Becky D.
  • Dr. Derek is a compassionate healer who truly wants to help people.

    -Kat H.
  • Best chiropractic visit I’ve ever had hands-down! Derek is super knowledgeable and, for once, I actually feel hopeful towards living a pain free life. Thank you One Love!!

    -Megan G.
  • Such a lovely practice! We are very lucky to have found Dr. Kasten. Ever since day one, he has taken his time in explaining everything and making my son feel at ease. Would recommend to anyone.

    -Joshua V.
  • Everyone is wonderful! I felt so well taken care of and I know I am on the road to recovery – thank you! I look forward to a lifetime of great health. 

    -Stephenie W.
  • I feel better already. Thanks for a great adjustment. I am clear that you have a depth of knowledge and commitment that I have not encountered before. I am so happy to have found such a great practice!

    -Gini K.
  • We feel very blessed and grateful to be working with you on our family healthcare needs and chiropractic care! A unique and wonderful experience at One Love! Dr. Derek is beyond passionate and experienced! Thank you!

    -Piper T.
  • Very pleased with first treatment results and optimistic that further treatment will bring about reduced pain and improved mobility. Welcoming and very helpful office staff.

    -Mary F.

Welcoming and Genuine

I am absolutely honored to be a part of such a wonderful sector of healing. Everything about this place speaks to a part of my being I love acknowledging and feeding. I am grateful I walked through the door and have been able to begin a deep healing and awakening process. I could not ask for a more welcoming and genuine staff.
~Hannah B.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Friendly, knowledgeable staff that are more then willing to help without seeming phony. The overall atmosphere is very welcoming, & calm feel. I don’t often enjoy going to the DR, but I think I can make exceptions here…I look forward to the positive out come of all this. Thank you,
~Brian R.

Appreciate Honesty

I appreciate Jerri Anne’s honesty about my best time of day to schedule appointments without having a huge wait time. I also think the Dr. Kasten is approaching my care with concern. I know the practice primarily deals with children and young families, so I appreciate his willingness to help solve my problems.
~Pat S.

Dr. Derek Is Amazing With Kids!

Dr. Derek is amazing with kids! I’ve never met any other medical professional so compassionate and excited about helping people. He really is the best chiropractor. We highly recommend him!
~Jeanette L.

Invaluable To Me and My Family

I have been a patient of chiropractors my whole life but Dr. Derek greatly shines above the rest. His passion for helping people coupled by his incredible skill as a chiropractor makes him invaluable to me and my family. I experienced immediate improvement after my first session with him and am excited for the health my family will enjoy now that we are all a part of his practice.
~Renee E.

Experiencing Great Benefit From Treatments

I am happy to have been introduced to Dr. Derek and One Love Chiropractic. I enjoy the staff and warm environment in the office. I am experiencing great benefit from Dr. Derek’s treatments. Thanks so much!
~Cassy M.

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