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New Patients at One Love Chiropractic

We Understand Your Struggles

Our family isn’t much different than yours and we want you to feel right at home in this family-focused practice.

When you arrive, our front desk staff will help you with checking in and answering any questions you have about insurance coverage or payment plans.

During your first visit, you can expect to:

  • Be given time to fill out the necessary paperwork (if not completed online)
  • Have a consultation with Dr. Marielis or Dr. Derek
  • Receive a thorough evaluation and examination
  • Undergo a postural analysis and/or X-rays if necessary

  • A wonderful first experience with Chiropractic care and will recommend to all my friends and family!
    -Hayden M.
  • Great job Team. I feel great already, just with 2 adjustments. I appreciated the comprehensive approach and the balance between proactive and preventative care. Cheers and ONE LOVE!
    -Zack A.
  • Very pleasant first-time experience.
    -Robert H.
  • First time ever being to a chiropractor so I was a little nervous, that lasted about 5 seconds because Dr. Derek was so pleasant to work with. Awesome first experience and I look forward to continuing to work under his care!
    -Alisson A.
  • Have really enjoyed my experience with One Love and have seen such an improvement already!
    -Stacey W.
  • Amazing first ever experience with chiropractic care! The office is clean, the atmosphere is soothing, and the staff are friendly and helpful. I am seeing a dramatic reduction in pain after only two visits. I highly recommend this practice.
    -Sara S.
  • So looking forward to improving overall health, I know I can do it with your help!
    -Jim B.
  • Screens and graphics extremely helpful in understanding the big picture. Structure relationships, back, neck and head makes good sense. If we have come this far in our health journey it helps to understand encouraging us on.
    -Cliff B.
  • The reception, practitioner, vibe of the place: incredible. Couldn’t ask for more!
    -Dillon A.
  • You were all so very welcoming and kind. I knew I had come to the right place.
    -Martin T.
  • I’m so happy I finally called you guys. Just mad it took me over a year to call. I’m in love with One Love, and will be telling everyone they need to go to you guys!
    -Nicole D.
  • I was amazed by our first visit. I have been to many chiropractors but never received the care I did at Dr. Derek’s office.
    -Josh H.
  • Dr. Mariellis Nieves has a really nice demeanor: very approachable, positive, informative, and pleasant…made me feel very comfortable. The front office staff was very friendly and helpful.
    -Jim A.
  • Love the people, the energy, the office – all of it! I have really enjoyed both the physical care: the chiropractic adjustments and the personal attention and experience of everyone at one love- staff and patients alike
  • This was my first chiropractic experience and I came in with severe pain. Within 12-24 hours after each visit I felt exponentially better. Grateful to have found this practice.
    -Rachel K.

One Love Chiropractic is focused on ALL ages including pediatric and prenatal chiropractic as well as sports injuries and athletes.  For those patients who have gone through physical trauma we will also recommend that X-rays are done in the office, so that the doctors can thoroughly evaluate their issues.

If X-rays are necessary, a “Motion Study” will be done, which consists of taking:

  • An X-ray from the side (lateral view)
  • An X-ray with the spine flexed (example: head forward)
  • An X-ray with the spine extended (example: head backward)

This helps our doctors evaluate motion within the spine and helps to specifically locate any Subluxations that exist.

Ideally each patient will return for a Report of Findings the next day – whether they needed to have X-rays taken or not. At this visit, we will:

  • talk about what we’ve found
  • review X-rays (if they were necessary) so that you can see the problem
  • discuss how to truly correct your problem
  • detail a plan for moving forward
  • discuss time and financial commitment
  • get adjusted and start healing

Most people initially come to a chiropractor because their problem is negatively affecting their life and their family. A corrective care plan is typically the best way to address that.

If you’re serious about healing and protecting yourself or your child from a relapse – or if you are simply seeking chiropractic care to improve your overall health and well being – we’ll recommend a plan that works for you.

Our care plans include Corrective Care and Maintenance or Wellness Care depending on what you need.

All care plans look to improve function and to support, strengthen and fuel your nervous system.  We achieve this by addressing the four components of WELLNESS known as being Well Adjusted, Eating Well, Moving Well and Thinking Well.

Techniques Used

Based on their education at Palmer College of Chiropractic (for Dr. Derek) and Life University (for Dr. Marielis) and and their certifications from the ICPA, our doctors are well-versed in what you may have heard called The Palmer Package, and in the Webster Technique.

You can learn more about these techniques by clicking the links below:

Click here to access Dr. Derek’s free e-book Indifference: Why Our Children Are So Sick.

Are you ready to see real change in your health? Schedule your first appointment by contacting us today.


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