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A Natural Solution to Colic (fussiness), Constipation and Reflux

A Natural Solution to Colic (fussiness), Constipation and Reflux

(Excerpts from the book Indifference: Why Our Children Are So Sick)

A Natural Solution to Colic, Constipation and Reflux (YouTube intro)

Having experienced my own daughter having to go through colic and constipation, I know how it affects the family as whole.  The parents are overstressed, tired, scared, worried and they feel hopeless, because everyone around them says that they will just grow out of it.


A well adjusted baby

I am here to tell you that children do not have to suffer.  Children that are uncontrollable, in discomfort, fussy and irritable are children that need help because there little bodies are not functioning correctly.  The good news is, there is natural solution to colic, constipation and reflux.

Big Picture

We live our lives through our nervous system.  Our nervous system controls every organ, gland, cell and tissue in the body.  When the nervous system is overstressed, it will express itself with symptoms to let you know that there is a problem.  Those symptoms can be expressed as colic, constipation and reflux and they are many times associated with a nervous system that is stuck in survival.


More specifically, the spine protects the nervous system.  When the spine is misaligned and not moving properly, it will affect the function of the nerve going to a part of the body.  You can think of the interference on the nervous system as a “blown fuse”.  The blown fuse is known as a condition called Subluxation.  The wonderful thing about the human body, is that a Subluxation will express itself as a symptom to let you know there is a “blown fuse”.

Where it starts

Everyone always asks me how an infant could have encountered so much stress?  The answer is simple when you look at the amount of stress mother goes though throughout her pregnancy.  We can spend all day talking about the physical, emotional and chemical stress that the moms encounter and it adds up.  Keep in mind that whatever mom is perceiving, so is the little one.  The fetus shares the same cells and hormones as their mother, so you could say that they are without a doubt, “two peas in a pod”.

However, the major stress that is impacting these children and causing dysfunction to their neurology is from the birth process.  With more intervention, malpositioning, breech presentation, in-utero constraints, dystocia (long labor), c-section, vacuum suction, forceps, twisting and pulling on the infants head, we can easily see what is causing the stress that is leading to major Subluxations in our children.

Quite simply, there is an epidemic in the is country of Subluxated children.

***  Keep in mind, a slip or a fall for an infant or toddler can also have the same effect.

Birth Trauma

The number one cause of Subluxation affecting the majority of all children that I see is from traumatic birth.  The twisting and pulling on the head and upper neck is easily enough force to shift the spine out of alignment and cause Subluxation.  A c-section for example puts up to 80 pounds of axial pressure on the head and neck, not to mention the twisting and yanking.

When the upper cervical (neck) spine is misaligned it causes interference and imbalance to a very crucial cranial nerve that dictates temperature, growth, development, rest, relaxation, digestion and immune function.  It is one of my very favorite nerves and it is know as the Vagus Nerve.  When the vagus nerve is “blown” it will cause a shift in balance towards a state of fight/flight and protection.  This shift will affect and limit digestion, rest and relaxation, which is expressed as colic, constipation and reflux.

Correcting the Imbalance


A subluxation (misalignment and fixation) affects the function and overall health of the body.

When a child encounters more stress than they can handle and Subluxation results, it is very important to find a specialist that can remove the interference and help to rebalance the nervous system so that the vagus nerve can function appropriately.  Finding a certified pediatric chiropractor with experience and one that you can trust is key.  They will evaluate and put a specific plan together that will not only reboot the system and remove the Subluxation, but they will also help to promote growth and development through maintenance and wellness care.

If you are looking for natural, safe and effective care for you and your children, then check out Dr. Derek Kasten @ One Love Chiropractic in Asheville, NC.

For others that are not in the area, check out the ICPA website to find a certified pediatric chiropractor in your area.
For more on the bigger picture, please get you FREE copy of Indifference:Why Our Children Are So Sick.

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