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What Causes It?

Newborn babyThe result of a traumatic birth which leads to a condition called Subluxation. (See Torticollis) Plagiocephaly is seen as a flattening of the head, a very defined asymmetry of the cranium and possibly, a prominent bulge. The issue with plagiocephaly, besides cosmetic, is that the irregularity of the cranium causes dural tension throughout the brain and spinal cord, deepening the a Subluxation and causing such expressions as reflux, colic and ear infections.

Think of the dura as Saran wrap that covers the brain and spinal cord. The dura attaches to the spine, and when stretched, causes restriction and makes it more difficult for the spine to release as a whole.

Another concern is that the plagiocephaly and the bulge affect cerebrospinal fluids (CSF) rhythms. The CSF fluid is full of nutrients and supports and protects the function of the nervous system. Asymmetry in the cranium affects this rhythm, which will cause more protection within the nervous system as a whole.

Removing the Subluxation is key, because the adjustment will release the protective response and will also give more leeway to the cranium, so that specific cranial techniques can be done to help with overall symmetry.

A Happy Ending with Ruthie and Bryce

Our son Bryce was born with a large hematoma on his head (the size of a small lemon). It was likely due to friction during his birth. Bryce’s pediatrician told us it could be months before it went away. We felt bad for our newborn baby because he couldn’t lie down normally. He had to have his head completely turned to the
side to avoid laying on the hematoma.


Hematoma Bryce
Baby with Hematoma

When Bryce was two weeks old, we took him to Dr. Derek for his first adjustment because he had acid reflux and was fairly fussy. Dr. Derek noticed the hematoma and commented that he could do some work on Bryce’s scull to manipulate the plates and allow for the hematoma to drain faster. We were thrilled to hear this. Dr. D did his work and told us to come back the following week. We brought Bryce back the next week, and there had been no significant change in the hematoma. Dr. D recommended a more intense treatment schedule and told us to bring Bryce in for the next three days. We followed his recommend schedule and Boom! The hematoma was gone by that weekend.


Bryce after treatment

Our little boy was then able to lay with his head flat on a surface, and we were and still are so grateful to Dr. D!
~ Ruthie M

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