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man with shoulder painA stressful pregnancy or a traumatic birth can put a child into fight or flight and lead to a condition called Subluxation (blown fuse or interference on the nervous system) in the upper neck causing torticollis. Torticollis is a condition in which the head is laterally bent or rotated to one side, and it is associated with painful muscle spasms of the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles.

You have to ask yourself why are the muscles in such spasm?

It starts with stress on the spine and central nervous system, which generally stems from a traumatic birth or intervention (such as a c-section, vacuum suction, forceps, a long and difficult labor, distocia or even pulling and twisting the head when the baby is coming out of the birth canal). The traumatic birth and/or intervention causes misalignment of the spine and this results in Subluxation.

When Subluxated, the nervous system communicates with the musculature and tells the muscles to protect. The overstressed musculature is only doing what it is told by the nervous system, and thus it protects with tension and spasm. Chiropractic care and the removal of a Subluxation will help to release the protective impulse, allowing the musculature to relax so the neck can move properly.

Dr Derek with Everett

Chiropractic and Torticollis with Everett

Dr. Derek is amazing with kids! I’ve never met any other health care professional so compassionate and excited about helping people. He really is the best chiropractor. We highly recommend him!

~ Jeanette L.

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