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Seizures and Epilepsy

The Boiling Point

Ripples in water With these conditions, the inflammation is trapped and eventually needs to be released. Think about a steam engine locomotive. When the water is heating up, there is no steam released, but when the temperature hits 212 degrees Fahrenheit and begins to boil, the steam produced is enough to move a train. I think of seizures being very similar to hitting the boiling point. When there is an excessive amount of stress that adds up day after day and week after week and activates the “gas pedal,” if it is not dissipated or adapted to, the stress is released in the form of a seizure. With my experience, for those who struggle with seizures or epilepsy, they have been overstressed, their fight/flight gas pedal is stuck on, they have an inability to handle stress appropriately and they are severely Subluxated in the upper cervical spine.

When someone is suffering from seizures or epilepsy, I immediately assess the autonomic function of the nervous system by evaluating for Subluxations. I know that seizures are really nothing more than an imbalanced autonomic nervous system. Also directly tied into the imbalance is the role of the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is instrumental in parasympathetic function to every organ and gland (with the exception of the adrenal/stress gland). The vagus nerve and its function can be greatly affected by Subluxation in the upper cervical spine.

Even the medical model understands the importance of stimulating and regulating the vagus nerve. They have been using a “vagus nerve stimulator” for many years. Basically, they are artificially stimulating the vagus nerve to help rebalance the autonomic nervous system from fight/flight to a restful and relaxed state, which has been shown to reduce the frequency of seizures and epileptic activity. However, because it is artificial, it is very difficult to pinpoint when and how much to stimulate the vagus nerve. At this stage, it is merely a cover up and a work in progress because stimulating the vagus nerve is only half the battle. It is also about regulating the function of the vagus nerve, and that can only be achieved by allowing the body to do it on its own.

The beautiful thing is that chiropractic care is not only stimulating the vagus nerve, but also helps improve function and regulate the vagus nerve naturally with specific, scientific adjustments. From there, the body can figure out when and how much to stimulate the vagus nerve on its own.

A child who has been overstressed and who is also Subluxated in the upper cervical spine may present with seizures or epilepsy. If so, they are immediately medicated with some heavy duty drugs that dumb down the body and fry the brain, which just adds more stress to the neurology going forward and limits their quality of life. Not a very good prognosis, especially if we are all striving to allow our children to be happy.

Instead, if we know that a child has been through a lot of stress (such as with a traumatic birth), has an autonomic nervous system that is stuck with the gas on and has a severe Subluxation in the upper cervical spine, then the first step needs to be to remove the interference the Subluxation is causing. In doing so, it will help to stimulate and regulate the function of the vagus nerve and allow for better balance within the autonomic nervous system, thus lessoning the frequency of the child reaching their boiling point, and expressing the release of “steam” or inflammation in the form of seizures and epilepsy. The child will also see an improvement in their quality of life and will be HAPPY.

RLS, Seizures and Family Wellness

“I suffered from vertigo and restless leg syndrome and now after about a year of chiropractic adjustments it has gone away!” Melissa

“My daughter would have a seizure about every 4 months and since chiropractic care it has been 6 months since her last seizure!” Danielle

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