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Welcome to Reviews for One Love Chiropractic

We love hearing how Chiropractic care is changing lives. We are here to help you and your family live a safe, natural and drug free life. Your healthiest life is within reach!

  • So looking forward to improving overall health, I know I can do it with your help!

    -Jim B.
  • Love the people, the energy, the office – all of it! I have really enjoyed both the physical care: the chiropractic adjustments and the personal attention and experience of everyone at one love- staff and patients alike

    -Just K.
  • The work we did leading up to my baby’s birth was great! She was in an ideal position that allowed for a much quicker delivery than we anticipated.

    -Emily B.
  • Great job Team. I feel great already, just with 2 adjustments. I appreciated the comprehensive approach and the balance between proactive and preventative care. Cheers and ONE LOVE!

    -Zack A.
  • Screens and graphics extremely helpful in understanding the big picture. Structure relationships,back,neck and head makes good sense. If we have come this far in our health journey it helps to understand encouraging us on.

    -Cliff B.
  • One love chiropractic is a very welcoming place where knowledgeable and friendly people meet all of our needs, especially the needs of my three children with autism!

    -Laura M.
  • Love your holistic approach!

    -Susanne O.
  • I’m so happy I finally called you guys. Just mad it took me over a year to call. I’m in love with One Love, and will be telling everyone they need to go to you guys!

    -Nicole D.
  • Dr Derek has not only changed my sons life but it has brought awareness to my own chiropractic needs. I can’t help but recommend OLC- Incredible!!

    -Ben C.

One Of The Best Chiropractors

My husband is a chiropractor in Michigan and we often (half) joke that if anything ever happens to him, I would have to move near Dr. Kasten. One of the best chiropractors, and people, I know.
~Mercedes T.


You Will Be Taken Care Of Mind, Body And Soul

NC is blessed to have Dr. D and his beautiful family. You will be taken care of mind, body and soul. Dr. Derek is our doc for wellness for physical and emotional healing! He cared for me through my pregnancy, adjusted my newborn and 2 and 1/2 year old son too! If I could give 6 stars in this review I would!
~Erin M.

Comprehensive Corrective Plan

I have seen several chiropractors over the past 28 years. Dr. Kasten is the only one that took the time to fully diagnose my issues, prepare a comprehensive corrective plan, and most importantly…explain both to me on a level that was easy to understand and make an informed decision.
~James F.

Personal & Knowledgeable

Dr. Derek is very knowledgeable, and seems to really care about helping his patients. I am impressed by his extremely personal approach. I pinched a nerve in my neck, and after 6 visits I am starting to regain the feeling in my finger. I’m hoping for a full recovery. Sarah is great as well.
~Nate L.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dr. Derek is very knowledgeable about the body and his practice is an art form. I trust him implicitly with his understanding of the whole picture and how to move forward with my personal healing. He has made great suggestions to implement other modalities in my personal healing process, all of which I feel are coming from an intuitive place combined with sound judgment and experience. Thank you thank you thank you for getting me back on my feet! ~Sarah L.

AMAZING Chiropractor

quoteAsheville, you have one AMAZING chiropractor! I have had the pleasure to work for Dr. Derek as well as be a long time patient. He has taken care of my family and I for a number of years and has not only cared for our spinal and nervous system health but our total being inside and out. He is absolutely amazing. Check him out! ~ Laurel R.


For me, it’s about information and engagement in the process of healing – becoming more and more and expert and facilitator of my body’s work, development, and treatment. I see the process of ‘fixing me’ as both emotional, spiritual and biological. So the more detailed understanding and the more experimenting and conversation that occurs in the space of the clinic the better I feel as a whole being. That’s why Derek is excellent – he brings to the table an offering of expertise that is irrevocably valuable to my life, and to the develop of me as a human being. In terms of a business – this is what I think it’s about. I will continue to be engaged with Derek on this level of developmental work, as it is this kind of relationship I have time for. Something with movement and flexibility – a feeling, its a feeling of going somewhere alongside him as a practitioner. ~Max W.

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