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Motor Skill Development Issue

Kids and beach ball Dyspraxia (please also see Sensory Integration Disorder) is a label for children who struggle with motor skill development. When understanding issues with the efferent control (or the motor control) of the nervous system, we have to consider how the input is being also being perceived. If the input is not being understood, the output will in turn be affected.

Keep in mind both systems will be affected when in a state of fight/flight, which stunts our development. Either way you spin it, a Subluxation of the upper cervical spine can affect our ability to speak, read, write and comprehend. The interference on the nervous system disrupts the connection between perception and expression. There is a disconnect between the afferent and efferent nervous systems, which can be expressed with inadequate sensory perception and processing OR poor motor skill development. Both sensory and motor dysfunction can be improved when a Subluxation s removed through a safe and specific adjustment.

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From Dr. Derek’s book Indifference: Why Our Children Are So Sick

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