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Dr. Derek, The Plumber

Many children and adults suffer from chronic constipation and the truth is there is a natural effective solution that works.

Ask yourself, what controls digestion and elimination?  The Autonomic Nervous System.

What then happens when the nervous system is compromised or SUBLUXATED by physical, chemical or emotional stress?  The nervous system cannot communicate with the digestive / elimination / immune system properly which than leads to poor function and poor drainage no matter how many plumbs, herbs or miralax you take.


You see constipation is a drainage issue.  Chiropractors, especially Certified Pediatric Chiropractors act just like a plumber and their job is too release the interference on the nervous system so that digestion and elimination can happen consistently.

So, if you or your child is suffering from constipation or GI issues than make sure to have your nervous system evaluated for Subluxation (the clog in the drain).

Combine Chiropractic With A Healthy Diet For Best Results

Fresh fruits and vegetable. Another way to think about constipation from a deeper neurological perspective is, when the parasympathetic system (rest/relax/digestion) is being shut down by sympathetic fight or flight dominance related to Subluxation, we obviously will have a tough time releasing because the branch of the nervous system that allows us to digest and release (the parasympathetics) is being compromised.

The wonderful thing about chiropractic care is when the Subluxation is removed and the diet is improved (which will prevent the drain from continuing to back up), the imbalance will start to shift towards the parasympathetics, allowing digestion and elimination to be regulated. That, my friends, makes everyone happy.

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From Dr. Derek’s book Indifference: Why Our Children Are So Sick

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