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Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Dad playing with boyI have talked to many parents about these specific conditions that we are seeing more often now than ever before, and the rate of incidence is getting worse every year. If we don’t get ahead of these spectrum dis-eases and start preventing this “expression of stress,” then we are going to have a population of neurologically damaged people.

This might sound a bit harsh, but after seeing many kiddos suffering from Asperger’s or ASD, there is really no difference from kids on the spectrum and from those suffering from allergies and asthma. To me, it is a spectrum of neurological imbalances that begins with the 3 Ts and leads to dis-ease, which manifests SUBLUXATION. Children labeled with a spectrum disorder are just on one end of the spectrum that has severe neurological imbalance and dysfunction, and those with asthma are on the other side with less severe imbalances. Unfortunately, there is no equation or algorithm to define where your child will fall. You are gambling with your child when you overstress their bodies.

Neurological Development Disorders

What we do know is that ASD and Asperger’s are just labels for complex disorders of neurological development. Let me say that again: it is a problem with the nervous system and how a child GROWS and DEVELOPS. Growth and development cannot happen when we are stuck in PROTECTION (fight/flight). It is obvious that kids on the spectrum DO NOT handle stress well. There GAP (General Adaptive Potential) is much lower than most, and most likely there was a traumatic birth that led things off. These kiddos also have smaller buckets that are quite full to begin with, leaving them susceptible. We can blame it on genetics; we can blame it on mitochondria; but that is missing the bigger issue. If we know that certain children are vulnerable to spectrum disorders then we need to stop overstressing and abusing their nervous systems.

Children labeled with Asperger’s and ASD also express themselves with many other stress responses, including GI (gastrointestinal) issues, a weakened and imbalanced immune system, constipation, acid reflux, compulsive and repetitive behavior, trouble with communication and many other expressions that dramatically affect their quality of life.

Let’s Talk About PREVENTING Autism

I presently work with a group called TACA (Talk About Curing Autism). I also run a not-for-profit charity called Kicks 4 Kids, which is a health-focused charity soccer tournament that donates proceeds to other not-for-profit charities that support children with ASD. I love supporting this group, but I really wish that we could change the name from TACA to TAPA (Talk About PREVENTING Autism).

I have a good handle on where autism is coming from, and what some of the major triggers are. Keep in mind that there is NO one cause; it is a combination of contributing factors, or a recipe of ingredients, if you will. I would say that the majority of the spectrum cases I have seen have had the ingredients of a traumatic birth along with multiple vaccines. When you put those two major stressors on the nervous system together, it is a recipe for chronic conditions, and Autism Spectrum Disorder can be one of the outcomes.

The beautiful thing is that we can prevent ASD by limiting the stressors filling up the bucket in the first place. For those unfortunate to express ASD, chiropractic care can help them get back their quality of life by helping them find balance again within their nervous systems. Even though the stressors have limited their potential, I have had amazing results with many kiddos on the spectrum in helping them reach their full potential. That is the most important thing to understand is that it is about allowing your child to be the best they can be with what they have to work with. Every child deserves that chance.

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