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The Love Potion: A Recipe for Healthy Children.

Understanding the Cause and Prevention Behind Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ADHD, SID, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Headaches and More…)


The Love Potion: A Recipe for Healthy Children

MY MISSION: My mission is to improve the safety, health and happiness of my community, especially for children.

MY VALUES: My values are based on the following principles (or beliefs) on how to behave or act based on what is truly important:

  • Principle 1: Safety Comes First. When making decisions for your family and your children, the first question that needs to be asked is if it is SAFE. Ask questions, do your research and only trust in a person or an organization who is congruent with your values, and who has earned your trust. When a situation or our environment is not safe or it is harmful and stressful physically, chemically or emotionally, that experience will cause imbalance and tension on the body, leading to chronic dis-ease.
  • Principle 2: A Healthy Child is a Happy Child. In order to truly have health, the body needs to be in a state of physical, mental and emotional well-being. If a child has been harmed or overstressed physically, chemically or emotionally, then the health of the child has been compromised.

When the health has been affected and the child’s neurology is in a state of imbalance and dis-ease, the child cannot truly be HAPPY.

So, to have a HAPPY child, you have to keep the child SAFE and HEALTHY and in that order.

Find out the what it takes to keep your child SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY from a neurological perspective by checking out the new webinar; The Love Potion: A Recipe for Healthy Children.


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