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Welcome to Pathways AVL

“Connecting Conscious Parents”

What is Pathways AVL?

Pathways is MOVEMENT and an educational outreach program brought to you by One Love Chiropractic connecting conscious parents with the empowering and emerging paradigm of Nature’s Laws and Vitalism through the resources of the magazine Pathways to Family Wellness.

Through this connection, families will find the information and support they need for making informed health and conscious living choices and practitioners will establish themselves as family wellness leaders in their communities. The magazine is available at One Love Chiropractic.

Families who seek wholeness and wellness enter into the process of “shifting” their personal world views from a fragmented, unsustainable, industrial world-view to an integrated, sustainable and holistic world-view that is naturally empowering and supportive of their pursuit of wellness and joyful living. The impact of a supportive conscious living community through this “paradigm shifting” is, again, profound and lifelong, as parents begin to understand, and model for their children, that it is their individual actions and beliefs that can and will create lasting, healthy change in our families, community and our world.

Pathway’s Mission

It is Pathway’s mission to:

  1. Connect parents with the values of the natural and holistic paradigm, like innate intelligence and vitalism, that explain and support true wellness.
  2. Connect families with one another to form a supportive conscious living/wellness community within the holistic paradigm.
  3. Connect ourselves with the innate intelligence of our bodies and minds that is the premise of the holistic paradigm as we grow in the understanding that conscious living is the daily path to wellness.

Meeting Quarterly

Pathways Connect AVL meets quarterly to discuss articles that are presented in the Pathways to Family Wellness magazine. The articles are determined by group request. (Please let us know what your interests are and what articles you want covered) We will try and bring experts to the gathering to help with the discussion and to answer any questions the group has.

Through this connection, families will find the information, support and empowerment they need for making informed health and conscious living choices. This connection is the greatest benefit of Pathways AVL!

Take care and good vibes˜

˜Dr. Derek

One Love Chiropractic | (828) 505-1584

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