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Meet Dr. Zach Beckner

Dr. Zachary Beckner was born in Ohio and moved to Murphy, North Carolina when he was five years old. Since 5th grade Dr. Zach wanted to be a Chiropractor and that’s exactly what he did. After graduating high school from Hiwassee Dam he moved to Marietta, GA to begin school at Life University. Dr. Zach graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and then went right back to work pursuing his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. While at school Dr. Zach was a member of multiple on campus clubs and organizations including Thompson Technique Club where he was the treasurer and later president. While in these clubs he committed to furthering his personal development, communication skills, and improving his adjusting style and technique. he also found a passion for teaching and helping his colleagues to learn new skills and better develop themselves.

In his free time he enjoys exploring new places, forest service roads, hiking and camping and going to the lake.